When your mind is in top shape, you will:

  • Have greater motivation and focus
  • Get more done
  • Come up with more creative ideas
  • Find inspiration more often
  • Remember more
  • Experience a better life

Here’s a few tips from author Adam Singer:

Read blogs on subjects both within your field and in new fields you know nothing about; read books; watch lectures on fascinating new subjects; read about ancient societies; take in a new form of art you’ve never experienced; you get the idea. Challenge yourself to continually broaden your horizon and soak up new information like an infinite sponge. Stretch yourself, don’t settle.

This, of course is the actionable form of tip #1.

Engage your mind in learning a new skill. You’re never too old to do this! You’d be surprised how much learning a new skill will open up many new paths in your mind and help you become even better at whatever you are already an expert at. You’ll also open yourself up to tons of new connections and intellectual social circles by engaging yourself in a new hobby, form of art, or trade.

If you can, try this for a week: write down everything you need to do at the beginning of the week, as you normally would, but take your list and put it out of sight. Instead of keeping that list visible at your desk, internalize your projects and simply remember and know what needs to be done, prioritize it in your mind, and do it.

(Editor’s note: I’ve personally tried this, and it really cracks down some procrastination)

In your process of absorbing new skills, knowledge and life experiences; internal analysis of yourself, what you have learned and where you are going is vital to put everything in proper perspective. Some people do it well during running, others through listening to music, and some people through making art. Find your own place that allows you to assimilate all you have learned and frequent it often.

(Editor’s note: This is probably the most important point to me, since we are prone to lose ourselves in this fast-paced today. Don’t be so eager to reach the end, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the journey, and more able to ascertain your passion in the subject)

This one’s self explanatory, but also easily wiped from our minds. Remember your focus, but also remember to treat yourself well!


Original article: http://thefuturebuzz.com/2008/03/11/5-simple-ways-to-keep-your-mind-sharp/