Types of coffee

In the new edition of Monday posts, we bring you interesting tidbits of information about things in our everyday life! Part one of three of the coffee special talks about the different types of coffee commonly found on the menu. From my experience as a ex-part timer at a cafe, customers are often confused with the different types of coffee on the menu. What’s the difference between a cappuccino and a latte? What’s in your mocha? Let this infographic answer your queries!

Yes, the difference between a cappuccino and a latte is the proportion of milk to frothed milk (or, the foam you see on your coffee), and macchiato is commonly served by adding frothed milk with a shot of expresso (unlike caramel macchiato found in Starbucks). I like to think of the americano as our kopi-o equivalent, while flat white as our kopi equivalent (of course, iced coffee becomes our kopi-peng).

*Protip: When you order ice latte, be sure to notice your layer of ‘foam’, or your ice latte becomes ice coffee if the milk is not properly frothed by the barista.

Now that you know your coffee, the next time you enter a cafe, be sure to order your coffee with confidence! Stay tuned for the next issue of the coffee special, where we discuss the effects of coffee to our body.


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