An article from The Straits Times warned of a ‘global sleep crisis’, with Singapore having the least average amount of sleep at 7 hours and 24 minutes.

“The effects of society on sleep remain largely unquantified,” says the study published on Friday (May 6) in the journal Science Advances. “We find that social pressures weaken and/or conceal biological drives in the evening, leading individuals to delay their bedtime and shorten their sleep.”

People say that it is hard to be a student these days. I personally found it hard to balance what we call the ‘holy trinity’ – work, social life, and sleep when I stayed on campus. Needless to say, a brand new life with so many interesting things to do, meant that I sacrificed sleep (I had about 4~5 hours on average, which by accounts is quite normal for undergraduates living on campus). Perhaps it was because I was physically on campus the whole time, causing me to be unable to detach myself from work and social life. Perhaps I did overcommit myself to having too many social engagements. I won’t however, deny that it was one of the most fulfilling time of my life. Of course, I don’t recommend that lifestyle, and I don’t do that anymore these days (it did take a toll on my health).

I always found sleep to be such a fascinating phenomenon: it’s always with us, but we know so little about it. Although the infographic doesn’t answer why we need sleep to survive, the differences between sleep in groups of people does provide us some food for thought.  Here’s the sleep Infographic from MattressInsider:

Article by The Editor