The Donkey Story

An old donkey was trapped in a well. The farmer who owned the donkey decided he was old anyway and although he sympathised, he resolved to kill the donkey instead of rescuing him. So he got a shovel and started throwing dirt into the well to fill it up and bury the trapped donkey.

As the dirt landed on his back at this point the donkey was so fearful and could’ve panicked, but from somewhere he found the idea that every time the farmer shovelled dirt on his back to shake it off and step up on top of it. He felt terror, anger and pressure but every time the farmer threw dirt he kept repeating:

‘shake it off and step up’

– and even when he was broken and tired and thought he was about to die he didn’t give up. He kept going until he saw the light and stepped up one last time over the edge of the well.

Keep going even in times of hurt. Our resolve gives us strength to get out of a situation when we feel like it might bury us.