Talking yourself through success or failure

We all face uncertainties at some point in our lives, be it a new phase in life, a problem, or when things do not go our way. In these cases, your attitude is the most important of all. Do you put yourself down or do you find opportunities during adversities? Do you give yourself excuses to not face your problems or do you fight the problems face on? Do you create more self doubt than you need, or do you calm yourself and give it your all? It may not make a difference to the outcome all the time, but it certainly makes a difference on your outlook and your ability to cope with adversities. Recognise the voice in your mind, eliminate sources and negative self-talk, and be truthful to yourself. Life’s too short for self-deception 😉

I have never done this before It’s something new! Let’s give it a try.
It’s too complex Let’s see it from another angle.
I don’t have the time and money Let’s explore if there is an alternative way to achieve this.
I’m too busy for this Let me reprioritise my schedule
This is too radical Why not?
I am going to fail this again I will give it another try

Remember, tough times don’t last, but tough men do.